#100reasons 2 visit #Vienna

Für SpaceUp Vienna am 12. April 2014 im Technischen Museum, den ich mitorganisiert habe, postete ich 50 Tage lang auf dem Twitter-Account @spaceupvienna täglich 2 Wien-Tipps unterschiedlichster Art – Bekanntes und Unbekanntes, bevorzugt welträumig. Auf mehrfachen Wunsch hier die Tweets zum Nachlesen:

No. 1 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: #SpaceUpVienna on April 12th, Vienna Technical Museum – register now!

No. 2 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Yes, we promise you a rose garden! They are still asleep…

No. 3 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Have a nice coffee at Schönbrunn Palace:
Gloriette2 GlorietteGloriette-innen

No. 4 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Meet elephants at Naturhistorisches Museum Wien … and some meteorites, of course.

No. 5 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: A libary full of science fiction books! / pic by @sternengeist

No. 6 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Enjoy a wonderful view at Lainzer Tiergarten – well within the boundaries of Vienna!
Wiener Blick / Lainzer Tiergarten

No. 7 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Donauturm at Donaupark offers a nice view from a rotating restaurant!
P1080201 P1080191 P1080185P1080206 P1080147

No. 8 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: A garden full of stars! Visit Sterngarten in Vienna
Sterngarten / Wotruba-Kirche / Georgenberg / Wien Mauer

No. 9 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Urania, a public observatory in the heart of Vienna
Urania / Observatory / Vienna

No. 10 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: If you come to Vienna, you can stay at Hotel AdlonHotel Adlon / Vienna

No. 11 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Of course we have some more observatories. Rudolf-König-Sternwarte, for example:
Rudolf-König-Sternwarte / Wien / Hietzing

No. 12 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Another observatory, Universitätssternwarte Wien (setting of „Agent 00* vs Dr. No ESO“)
Universitätssternwarte / Drehort "Agent 00* jagt Dr. NoESO"

No. 13 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Just another nice observatory: Kuffner Sternwarte

No. 14 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Augarten – one of many nice parks in Vienna
Augarten / Flakturm

No. 15 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Like to stroll? There’s a planet walk in Viennaplanetenweg

No. 16 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: You surely know St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Here’s a detail, a sun dial on the wall:
Sonnenuhr Stephansdom Wien / Georg von Peuerbach

No. 17 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: On the roof of Möbelhaus Leiner, Mariahilfer Straße: cafe with very special view

No. 18 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: If you don’t like Viennese cafes, you would also reject pubs in Dublin.
Cafe Gloriette / Kaffee / Kaffeehaus

No. 19 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Lots of opportunities to walk. Here’s a view over the Danube from Leopoldsberg.
Nasenweg / Blick über Donau und Uno-City

No. 20 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Dehnepark, Ruin of the Forst-Villa – some say it’s haunted
Dehnepark / Forst-Villa

No. 21 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Pallas Athena at the Austrian Parliament, located on the Ringstraße boulevard:

No. 22 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: We have mountains here in Vienna – a red mountain, a green mountain, here you see the Künigl-Mountain with ORF’s corporate headquarters under the dome:

No. 23 #100reasons #Vienna: Kirche am Steinhof, also called the Church of St. Leopold, buildt by Otto Wagner:
Kirche am Steinhof / Church of St. Leopold

No. 24 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: swimming, strolling, sailing – things you can do at the Old Danube
Alte Donau / Vienna International Center

No. 25 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Watch stars day and night, good or bad weather at the Planetarium

No. 26 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Do you like chinese food? There’s a nice Chinese restaurant at Donaupark
Restaurant Sichuan

No. 27 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: meet ScienceBuster Werner Gruber at #SpaceUpVienna! (Foto: Karola Riegler)140412_021_wm

No. 28 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Museumsquartier Wien – always crowded with students in summer. Meet Klimt and Schiele!
MuseumsQuartier Wien

No. 29 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: When Thomas A. Edison electrified the Schönbrunn Palace, he stayed at Parkhotel Schönbrunn
Parkhotel Schönbrunn / Thomas A. Edison

No. 30 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Lots of art in public space; such as a mosaic by Christian Ludwig Attersee at Mariahilfer Straße

No. 31 #100reasons: #Vienna is famous for vintage cafes, such as Café Sperl at Gumpendorfer Straße:
Café Sperl

No. 32 #100reasons: There must have been a nuclear accident long time ago – you find evidence everywhere in #Vienna
nuclear accident

No. 33 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: If you like classical music, you can of course go to the famous Vienna State Opera
Wiener Staatsoper

No. 34 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: …but if you are heavily addicted, don’t miss Musikverein. They have the really good stuff!
Musikverein / Wien

No .35 #100reasons 2 bisit #Vienna: Meet the engineer Johann Strauss at Stadtpark (yes and he composed some walz music)
Johann Strauß / Stadtpark

Want a proof for that? You find it on a wall of the Vienna University of Technology beside St. Charle’s Church:

No. 36 #100reasons #Vienna: At Cafe Dommayer, which we warmly recommend, Johann Strauß had his first concert.
Café Dommayer / Dommayergasse

No. 37 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Astronomy everywhere … the Galileihof in Hietzing

No. 38 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Hotel Sacher. Was good enough for John Lennon and Yoko Ono

No. 39 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Great theatres in Vienna, one of them: VolkstheaterVolkstheater

No. 40 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: At U3 Volkstheater a mosaic by Anton Lehmden shows the evolution of our worldvolkstheater-u3

No .41 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: „House without eyebrows“ by Adolf Loos. Emperor Franz Joseph I ordered to keep the windows at this side colsed in order not to let him see this nasty house.

No. 42 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: The snow globe in Citizen Kane was made in Austria!

No. 43 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Another proof of a nuclear accident. Where is she? (in the Background: St. Stephen’s Cathedral)
Nuclear accident

No. 44 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: The friendly lady is at Upper Belvedere. Go there for fine arts!
Oberes Belvedere

No. 45 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Jubiläumswarte, great view but you should have no head for heights!

No. 46 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Bank Austria Kunstforum by Gustav Peichl – small, but nice museum!

No. 47 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Café Diglas – two of many nice cafés (yes, two!), one of them with live piano music in the evening.
Café Diglas

No. 48 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Living room of Peter Altenberg and other coffeehouse writers: famous Café Central

No. 49 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Imperial Vienna – St. Charles’s Church at Karlsplatz

No. 50 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Albertina, one of the largest and most important print rooms in the world:

No. 51 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Cafés named for scientists: #Schrödinger at Vienna Technical University
Café Schrödinger / TU Wien / Freihaus

No. 52 #100reasons: The Austrian writer Adalbert Stifter watched a total solar eclipse in #Vienna

No. 53 #100reasons: Public transport in #Vienna is … different.

No. 54 #100reasons: Minorites Church, not the oldest church in #Vienna. But one of the oldest:

No. 55 #100reasons 2visit #Vienna: Ankeruhr – nice clock at Hoher Markt – shows figures and plays music:

No. 56 #100reasons – Imperial #Vienna – view at the Michaelertor, seen from Kohlmarkt:

No. 57 #100reasons 2visit #Vienna: Otto Wagners famous Jugendstil buildings; + Postsparkasse:

No. 58 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Stadtbahn, another example of Otto Wagners Architecture, Karlsplatz station building:
Stadtbahn / Station Karlsplatz / Otto Wagner

No. 59 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Wherever you dig into the ground, you will find leftovers of the Roman Empire; here: Michaelerplatz

No. 60 #100reasons: Learn everything about the history of #Vienna at Wien Museum, Karlsplatz:
Wien Museum Karlsplatz

No. 61 #100reasons – Imperial #Vienna: New Castle with the Austrian National Library

No. 62 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Burggarten – nice park, excellent restaurant Palmenhaus:

No.63 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna : KunstHausWien – exhibitions about photography and, of course, Hundertwasser:
Hundertwasserhaus / KunsHausWien

No. 64 #100reasons: Yes, this is also #Vienna: Hubertuswarte at Lainzer Tiergarten

No. 67 #100reasons: One of many pretty cafés in #Vienna: Café Prückl
Café Prückl

No. 66 #100reasons: Kunsthistorisches Museum – it’s worth visiting #Vienna only to see this one!
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

No. 67 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: raise your head sometimes when strolling around – Kärntner Straße, the rest of Hotel Meissl & Schadn:
Kärntner Straße / Hotel Meissl & Schadn

No. 68 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Here’s another example of Jugendstil – Apotheke zum weißen Engel, Am Hof:
Apotheke zum Weißen Engel / Am Hof / Jugendstil

No. 69 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: The Plague Column at Graben was erected after the big epidemics
Pestsäule / Am Graben

No. 70 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Also very nice – the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church:
Griechenkirche zur Heiligen Dreifaltigkeit

No. 71 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Like ice cream? You find many opportunities, such as Gianni e Giovanna, Westbahnstraße:
Gianni et Giovanna

No. 72 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Rathaus at Ringstraße – this street replaced the city walls
Rathaus / Ringstraße

No. 73 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Atlas at Joseph’s Square – have a look at the astronomical instruments!
Josephsplatz 1

Same building at Josephsplatz – the lady beside Atlas carries the same weight – but for her it seems rather light. Are women stronger? 😉

No. 74 #100reasons: Another place with nice astronomical instruments: #Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien):
TU Wien / Karlsplatz / Resslpark

No. 75 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna, posted on 30th of March (Beginning of Daylight saving time): set your watch today, and also check the moon phase:
Monduhr / Amalientrakt / Hofburg

No. 76 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna, posted on 30th of March (Beginning of Daylight saving time): Unfortunately this sun dial at Palmenhaus Schönbrunn will go wrong for 6 months…
Sonnenuhr / Palmenhaus Schönbrunn

No. 77 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Lots of nice sun dials, like this one at Sonnenuhrgasse:

No. 78 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Watch piranhas have a meal at Haus des Meeres – it was a public observatory formerly:
Haus des Meeres

No. 79 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Watch parliamentarians have lunch at V.I.P.-Cafe Landtmann:
Café Landtmann

No. 80 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Two Kepler-memorials, Keplergasse and Keplerplatz – this guy seems to be important!
Kepler / Keplergasse / Keplerplatz

No. 81 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna : Meet Hieronymus Bosch at Gemäldegalerie, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Schillerplatz:
Gemäldegalerie / Akademie der Bildenden Künste

No. 82 #100reasons 2visit #Vienna : Burgtheater.

No. 83 #100reasons: Secession, #vienna’s biggest cabbage head and place for contemporary arts:

No. 84 #100reasons: Ruprechtskirche, the eldest church of #Vienna at #bermudatriangle where revellers get lost…
Ruprechtskirche / Bermudadreieck

No. 85 #100reasons: Eissalon Tichy at Reumannplatz – maybe the best icecream in #Vienna, but you will not find out, because you have to wait too long!
Eissalon Tichy / Reumannplatz

No. 86 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Very nice ice cream shop – Eissalon am Schwedenplatz:
Eissalon Schwedenplatz

No. 87 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Famous musicals at Theater an der Wien:
Theater an der Wien

No. 88 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Several nice swimming baths, such as Amalienbadinteresting architecture inside!

No. 89 #100reason: Donaukanal – small paradise in the middle of #Vienna for biking + strolling:

Graffiti are allowed at Donaukanal – here’s one with some space ships on the right:


No. 90 #100reasons: Even the Incineration is more stylish in #Vienna than in other towns…
Fernwaerme Wien / Hundertwasser

No. 91 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: There’s also some contemporary architecture such as the Domenig-house in Favoriten:

No. 92 #100reasons: Music is one of the most important attractions of #Vienna – conduct the Vienna Philharmonic at Haus der Musik:
Haus der Musik

No. 93 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Museum für angewandte Kunst, commonly called MAK:
MAK - Museum für Angewandte Kunst

No. 94 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: Do not miss Naschmarkt, but don’t go there on sunday 😉

No. 95 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: few metres below the ground you find the leftovers of Vindobona:
Römermuseum / Vindobona

No. 96 #100reasons: Yes there’s wine in #Vienna. Nice medieval place to get some: Zwölf-Apostelkeller

No. 97 #100reasons: The first district of #Vienna seems completely flat, except for „Tiefer Graben“ and „Hohe Brücke„:
Hohe Brücke, Tiefer Graben

No. 98 #100reasons: Museum of Ernst Fuchs, member of Wiener Schule des Phantastischen Realismus:
Ernst Fuchs - Wiener Schule des phantastischen Realismus

No. 99 #100reasons: In #Vienna you can make an interplanetary journey at Wolfersberg – from Sun to Neptune:
Interplanetare Reise

No. 100 #100reasons 2 visit #Vienna: At Galerie Westlicht you see space pics and a camera that was on the moon. (posted on April 11th – the camera was sold and brought away meanwhile)
Kamera / Galerie Westlicht